The following 4 photos are from the Solitary Bee Nest Building Workshop held on Saturday 15th September 2018



Clarence Native Stingless Bee Community Education Resource Guide is a publication sponsored by Clarence Landcare and produced with funding provided by the Australian Government National Landcare Programme, see our Resource Page for a copy of the publication.
Resource Kit collating - Ken, Delree, Sue, Laura, Kevin & David
Resource Kit collating – Ken, Delree, Sue, Laura, Kevin & David

Native Stingless Bees Expo February 2016 in Grafton NSW

The following block of photos are a montage of the workshops Clarence Native Bees held between March 2016 and February 2017 for the construction of native bee boxes. Thanks to Bunnings and all the people involved. You know who you are!

The boxes were made in anticipation of receipt of stingless bee nests needing to be rehoused during the clearing of habitat during the highway upgrade that was about to commence. Due to the efforts of all concerned, and some in particular, many stingless bee nests are now alive that otherwise would have been destroyed. Unfortunately many nests didn’t survive the trauma but protocols were established with the highway construction contractors that gave the Clarence Native Bees group a workable process to collect the hives that were found. We thank the dedicated highway upgrade staff involved in identifying the nests and organizing the nest removal from restricted work areas.

Clarence Native Bees Landcare Group




Bee Photos courtesy of QLD Museum Science Centre.
All other images Copyright © 2016 Clarence Native
Bees Landcare. All rights reserved

Video Gallery

Bee Aware of Your Native Bees – A Community project

Tim Heard from CSIRO on Splitting a Hive

and Extracting Honey

An amateur builds nests in his garden

AussieBee short video on Hives

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